Welcome to the Jewish Stuttering Association

Mercaz Kvad Peh, the Jewish Stuttering Association, is dedicated to supporting people who stutter in the Jewish community. We help adults, teens, children, and their families through education, advocacy, resources, and programming in a safe and supportive environment.

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The Jewish Stuttering Association will increase stuttering awareness within our community.

We will arrange support groups for people who stutter. (We envision separate groups for men, women, and children respectively.)  We will educate parents, teachers, and employers about stuttering and what they can do to help people who stutter feel more accepted at home, school, and in the workplace.

We will provide Torah-oriented activities for children who stutter, including: social opportunities to meet other kids who stutter; a boys choir; and a shul where bar-mitzvah boys can practice reading the Torah, saying their bar mitzvah speeches, and leading services. We will provide referrals to speech therapists who specialize in stuttering and financial assistance to families who need help paying for their services.

We will also provide a phone line for people who stutter so they can practice therapeutic techniques to help control their speech with a live person. We will plan weekend retreats for people who stutter and their families. These retreats will include social opportunities for people to meet others who stutter, as well as informative workshops and programs for children, teens, and adults.